Types of FSC Certification

Forest Management

Forest Management: Plantations

The certification of plantations is intended for all producers of planted forests, regardless of their size and their final forest product, wood or non-wood.

Forest Management: Natural Forests

The certification of Management of natural forests is intended for the certification of various timber and non-timber forest products from natural forests.

Small-Scale, Low-Intensity Forest Management (SLIMF)

SLIMF certification is applicable for the assessment of small-scale and/or low-intensity forest management, used mainly for smallholders or community production, both for native and planted forests.

Group Certification

It is specially designed for the certification of small independent enterprises that, by forming a group, are able to have easy access to FSC® certification by sharing the certification costs and benefiting from the technical support and control offered by a Central Office.

Certification of Controlled Wood in Forest Management Units (FMU)

Certification of Controlled Wood in Forest Management Units (FMU) is aimed at management companies that seek to demonstrate to a company or third-party certification bodies that the wood supplied is controlled, avoiding violation of traditional and civil rights and illegal harvesting.

Chain of Custody

Individual Certification

Individual certification, that is, of a single unit (site). Chain of custody (CoC) certification guarantees traceability from the production of the raw material that leaves the forests to the final consumer.

Multisite Certification

Companies that are linked by partnership or legal/contractual agreements. This model makes certification easier and cheaper for large companies that are able to benefit from centralized administration and control of the inner workings in order to achieve FSC® certification.

Recovered Material

Recovered material certification applies to organizations that use inputs from recovered materials (paper or wood recycling).

Controlled Wood

The certification of controlled wood applies to all companies whose scope involves products with wood raw materials, in order to avoid raw materials from unacceptable sources.

Project Certification

Project certification is applied to specific projects where the raw material comes from a certified forest base, such as furniture, rooms and boats, among others.

Use of FSC trademarks

Requirements for use of FSC trademarks by certificate holders.

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